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We are happy that you have found us.

The drive & reason for us to open our first physical community space, right here in Atlanta, is YOU.

We genuinely believe that as we grow through the journey of parenting, there are zero reasons we should be doing it alone.

We meet to create an explorative and safe social gathering space for our little ones to learn basic emotional and social skills, and to support our own development as parents.

We do not have “classes”, we believe in children growing through free play and through strong social connections.
In the Blomst Community space we embrace feelings + meltdowns, we are not scared of talking about the beautiful and hard things in life, and we welcome each other the way we are.
Please fill out this form to sign up before visiting us – we want to ensure everyone is safe and on the same page.
If you want to spread the joy of community, please spread the word about us!
If you have already done that and want to do more, please know that we are welcoming volunteers as our community grows!
If you wanna support or share our GoFundMe campaign to cover opening expenses (thank you so much <3) please use this link.
We got this!
Strong back, Open heart!
Christine Christensen