Who We Are

This is Us.

We have been together for almost 20 years and have two kids together.

We are fierce parent advocates and have spent years working to empower parents, especially new parents, who are historically and systemically under-appreciated.

We have owned community centers for new families here in Atlanta - and also founded a non-profit (based on a model from my home, Denmark) enabling new parents to get FREE therapy with licensed therapists. 

When Covid-19 happened and I simultaneously developed a mild case of postpartum anxiety after having our second baby in 2020 - we closed our businesses.

What came after was a time of adjustment and (more) creativity.
My mission has always been to empower Mothers, specifically. I am a certified Danish Doula and I find Mothers and women to be incredible and also so in need of support and acknowledgement.
In a world built for men and the “hustle”, it is incredibly hard and humbling to adjust to Motherhood. It often seems that no choices are the right choices, and we often feel that we are alone. (If you stop reading here and forget all about me, Blomst and everything else I am trying to tell you, please just remember this: 
you are NOT alone in how you feel!)

I designed Blomst, because I noticed in my clients and friends a stress that I think needs to be addressed - the unnecessary stress of public diaper changing. I even knew of new Moms who decided to stay at home to avoid public diaper blowouts and the stress it comes with. With Blomst there is no more looking for the "perfect spot", no more over packed bags, no more fumbling - well, you know all of this, lol.

When we created the first version of the Blomst bag, it was always my vision to have local Moms sew the bags - this is how we started and how we supported + empowered Mothers financially through Covid-19. However, this model just put too much micromanaging and mental strain on me and I am slowly learning that it is okay to prioritize myself and my own wellbeing.
Therefore, the Blomst bags are now consciously handmade in a private sewing studio owned by a woman named Sandra - we haven’t outsourced to a factory in a far away foreing country and therefore, yes, our price point reflects this, but we stand by our beliefs.
Each bag is made with the highest quality materials and will last you for many, many years. 

Get your Blomst - I know you'll love it!

As always, if you have any questions for me, I am here.