Inspired by our time as new parents in Copenhagen, Denmark - we promise this bag will be everything you have ever dreamt of!
Never again do you have to worry about public bathroom diaper tables - you got your Blomst!

When placing your baby on the Blomst diaper bag’s fluffy changing mat - surrounded by practical pockets full of your essential wiping/padding/comforting items for a safe and comfortable diaper change - you will feel like you always have a little piece of home with you - no matter where you are.

Blomst diaper bag is handmade by parents in Atlanta, GA.
With your purchase of Blomst, you support our mission to empower parents to stay home with their little ones during this crazy time - by allowing parents to work, and get paid, on their own schedule - from home.

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The fact that I no longer have to worry about my son smearing his fingers all over the walls when he is laying on the public diaper table.. is priceless!

Tabitha J.

Best thing that happened in 2020. Period.

Rebecca O.

It's like opening a little nest for her to lay in <3


This is Us.

We are Jonathan and Christine!

We met in New York 15 years ago at Manhattan School of Music.
Christine was an ambitious cellist from Denmark and pretty quickly fell in love with Jonathan, a native Atlantan.
And here we are. 2 kids deep. Riding life like the crazy circus it is.
Because, you see, we had no idea that we would be starting this diaper bag business. We were busy with our other jobs - J is a professional classical Bass player who frequestly tours the world and Christine, who is also a Danish certified Doula, was running her Scandinavian inspired community center for families with small children (because she knows how hard parenting is and how much we are all in need of support and friendship when the shock of parenthood hits us), when Covid-19 hit. We lost our business and our physical community.

Soooo. What to do?
We gotta eat. And pay rent. And change lives.

So Blomst it is.

See, you might think that Blomst is about a diaper bag. But it's more than that.

Blomst is freedom - your freedom. Because you deserve it.
Listen, becoming a parent is hard. Yes, beautiful and all that, but also hard. Really fucking hard. And we need to make the parts that can be made a bit easier, as easy as possible for you... so you don't loose your mind.

Blomst is confidence. No more fumbling when you change your little one in a public place. You are good - everything is right there for you to use - in those handy pockets. You are nailing it!

Blomst is empowerment.
Not only will you feel empowered by sporting that fancy bag of yours, but with your purchase of a Blomst item, you are directly allowing the parents who handmake Blomst in the US, to work from home, at their own time, so they are free and able to be with their small children as they wish. A Godsend in these insane days.

We care about you. Our dreams are big and we want you to dream big with us. Let's be open to change.

Love and Light,
Your Blomst family

The diaper bag that will follow you -

where ever you choose to go