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Reclaim your Freedom

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You are not alone. Almost all parents feel worried and stressed about changing their baby’s diaper away from home.

We have spoken to hundreds of parents and with our Blomst diaper bag we have solved the most stressful things about public baby diaper changing!

We do not have all the answers to parenting, but we DO have the perfect bag for you.​

Open to change

The Blomst Bag folds open to be your safe, clean and comfy diaper changing pad - whenever and wherever you need it.

This is
the bag

Pockets big enough to always store everything you need (no need to repack everytime you go out) and an instant diaper changing station anywhere you go. All in one lightweight, unisex bag that makes you look – and feel – like you've got your sh*t together.

  • 2020

Baby Axel testing our original prototype. As you can tell, we have been working on this for a while.

If the sight of public diaper changing tables gives you sweaty palms, get your Blomst now.

Blomst is designed by us, two rebellious parents wanting to empower other parents, like you, to reclaim your freedom. Freedom to go where you want, when you want. Because, as we say on a daily basis - "sh*t is hard enough".

Blomst (ˈb̥lʌmˀsd̥) means flower in Danish!
We are an American/Danish family and “Blomst” was the first word our daughter spoke.

Orders shipping est. Nov ‘22