Blomst is created to empower and support parents in a society that constantly tells parents how/when/where to parent their children.
    At Blomst we invite parents to be an integral part of society - as they should be. Parents should never bear the emotional burden of being seen as a nuisance and inconvenience.
    With Blomst you can easily reenter society without worrying about where the next "diaper blow out" will happen.
    Because you are ready and you got this sh*t <3


    Blomst opens as a clean and soft cocoon - almost like a little safe piece of home - so you can easily give your child the diaper change they deserve, anywhere/anytime - even on concrete (yup, we said it).

    Our unique design also ensures that nothing but the outside shell of your Blomst bag ever touches any dirty surfaces - no more unnecessary germ worries.


    We see you! Parenthood is a journey and having gear that empowers you to keep living a life authentic to you is important. We, as most parents, want to create a better world for our children, and therefore we donate 2% of all profit to schools teaching Anti-Racist Curriculum.

With Blomst you'll never again:

  • search for the "perfect diaper changing spot"
  • worry about a surface being uncomfortable for your baby
  • feel self-conscious and stressed about changing your baby in public
  • dig blindly through your diaper bag to find the stuff you need
  • attempt to find a clean spot to put all your diaper changing stuff
  • worry about your baby's hands + feet reaching dirty surfaces while you change them


We are so confident that BLOMST will change your life, that we offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee!